Traumhafte Buchhandlungen: Zhongshuge Bookstore in Yangzhou, China


»With a unique design that creates the illusion of infinite books, the Yangzhou Zhongshuge library is a story lover’s paradise. Located in Yangzhou, China, the library contains black mirror floors, which are meant to mimic mirages—a subtle reference to the city’s many canals and waterways. Arched glass ceilings and flowing patterns represent the connection between people and books. Complete with soft lighting, these design elements give the space an otherworldly, fantastical vibe. Zhongshuge cherishes Yangzhou’s history, while embracing the future head-on by creating a space for the next generation of readers to thrive.« (via)

(Evtl. sehen Sie hier eine Anzeige. Mit Klicks unterstützen Sie unser kostenloses Info-Angebot. 🙏)

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