Sidewalk Talk – Community Listening

Sidewalk Talk - Community ListeningWhat Is Community Listening?

We quite simply take two chairs, one for us and one for you, out on city streets sit down and offer to listen to anyone about anything.

“When we listen to the marginalized emotions inside, we can hear marginalized voices outside.”
Traci Ruble, Sidewalk Talk Managing Director

Why chairs?

We think the first step in listening is stopping what one is doing and being intentional. That is our thing. We think sitting says to one’s body “It’s ok to slow down and sit down and feel supported for a change.”


Today Sidewalk Talk has 1700 volunteers world wide. We have chapters in 4o cities around the globe. We have grown but will remain grassroots by design. Our focus is creating an active, engaged community of volunteers who commit to a regular listening practice and who connect with each other, not just the people they listen to.


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