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Jellybooks is looking for an experienced JavaScript and front-end developer with experience designing for diverse accessibility requirements.

Two years ago, our multi-national team created the Jellybooks Cloud Reader. Since then we have worked with publishers and bookshops across Europe to bring simple one-click, file-free reading to readers across the world.

A major initiative we are launching soon is a national, cross-industry platform for ebook excerpts and audiobook snippets allowing bookshops and publishers to embed the first five to twenty percent of a book in websites, emails, and social media posts.

Jellybooks also works on open access challenges for textbooks, early testing and reviews of newly published titles, marketing and retail challenges in bookselling and much more. We have a passion for using data to create better experiences for readers.

The new team member will help us take the Jellybooks Cloud Reader to the next level: improved functionality, offline reading and better support of diverse accessibility requirements.

This is a remote position but the candidate must be a UK-resident for tax purposes with the right to work in the UK, because this position is supported by public funds. We are unable to sponsor a work visa or support relocation to the UK.

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