They peacefully fell asleep at an old age.
Yet I never knew whether they had loved me.

You all passed away after choosing to take the same wrong path.
I had not been able to prevent you from taking your fateful turns.

We faced the exact same death.
Though hurting myself I was only allowed to feel your pain.

It stopped the life inside of me.
When I tried to shut out all feelings.

She turned cold in my arms.
While I felt her warm blood trickle down my hands.

He hanged himself.
As I could not get him down in time.

You killed all of me.
In spite of my silent though deafening screams of no.

I died.
A little more each time.

And I have died a thousand deaths.

But I shan’t die one more.





Aus: Christiane Frohmann (Hg.), Tausend Tode schreiben, Berlin: Frohmann, E-Book, 2014 bis heute
#1000tode #tod #sterben #trauer

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