Memorable events are about learning new things and connecting with the right people. Braindate helps you meet and share knowledge with great humans around you.


Hint: It takes more than technology

Your Community Wants More Meaningful Connections.
You know it, and you’d like to call on some experts.

We Talk: How Can We Propel Each Other?
Can we support you with your mission? Can you support us with ours? We’re looking for a great fit.

The 4 Essential Ingredients: a Community, a Space, some Time and our Technology.
One of our Producers will guide you in creating the right conditions for a learning community to flourish at your event.

Deploy. Engagement. Strategy.
Together, we craft a personalized engagement strategy that will help your participants understand the value of learning from one another.

The Beautiful Numbers Start Rising.
Your participants start sharing their knowledge topics and booking their braindates in anticipation of your event.

Event Day 1: Welcome to the Braindate Lounge.
Your participants meet at the Braindate Lounge for their booked conversations. Our professional Learning Concierges are there to check them in and to help everyone make the most of braindating, even if they are starting from scratch. They work hard to make this space feel like home–an essential condition for strong relationship building among your participants.

We Share What We Learned.
After your event, e180 analyses the whole experience from start to finish. Our comprehensive report includes insightful data about what your community is interested in learning and identifies your knowledge-sharing superstars.

Planning for Next Time.
What worked well and we can do more of? What shall we do differently? We root ourselves in our shared learnings to raise the bar for your next events.