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Future Zone Summit #1. Erzählen im Digitalen Zeitalter. Gamification als Weltenretter.

Der Future Zone Summit ist die neue Plattform für hochkarätige Impulse internationaler Top-Referenten und spannende Austauschmöglichkeiten. Im Rahmen eines zweitätigen Workshop-Events stehen in 2017 die Themen „Transmedia Storytelling“ (Tag 1) und „Gamification“ (Tag 2) im Mittelpunkt. Dabei freuen wir uns besonders, dass wir Jeff Gomez, CEO der New Yorker Starlight Runner Entertainment, und Pete Jenkins, Gründer von GAMIFICATION+ LTD, als Keynote-Speaker haben gewinnen können.

Die „Future Lounge“ ermöglicht vor Ort weitere wertvolle Begegnungen mit neuen digitalen Technologien, Anwendungen (u.a. Virtual Reality) und spannenden Gästen. Ob Content Creator, Spieleentwickler, Wirtschafts- oder Unternehmensvertreter – die Teilnehmer erhalten neue Impulse und Inspirationen für sein bzw. ihr Business.

The Kids Want Mobile Conference 2017

The Kids Want Mobile is Europe´s large kids digital conference!

With guests from all over the world, The Kids Want Mobile is guaranteed to be a creative, up-to-the-minute and innovative event. Everybody engaged in the field of digital kids products – from illustrators, authors, directors, developers, game designers to producers and app stores – is warmly invited to join us for an exciting day full of talks, networking and good food and coffee in the heart of Berlin.

What can you expect at “The Kids Want Mobile“?

Inspiring talks, panels and networking with the best creatives, engineers and business people in the digital kids sector from all over the world.
Learn how to build successful digital toys for kids from the best people in the industry.
Berlin is in the heart of Europe and The Kids Want Mobile takes place in the heart of Berlin-Mitte! Berlin is the hot spot for many kids apps developers which is why we’ve chosen this cool, edgy and interesting city. We want to bring the thriving Berlin mobile kids developer community together with developers and publishers from all over the world.

An all inclusive event!
We’ll take care of you! We’ve planned this event just how we would want the perfect event to be. Free lunch, snacks, coffee and drinks to finish off a fantastic day. All food and drink is included all day. And not just any food. We have hand-picked our favorite coffee place and our favorite restaurants to give you the best Berlin has to offer.

Attendance of our conference implies the participants` acceptance that any photographs or films made during the conference may be used unconditionally and with no time, geographical or content limits, for editorial and advertising purposes relating to the event.The event organiser reserves the right to photograph and film the presentations and participants, and to use this material for advertising or publicity material. The participant waives all rights to object to this for any reason. This also applies to any photographs or films made directly by the press with the consent of the event organisers.

QUO VADIS 2017 – Europe’s Hot Spot for Games Professionals

Growing from its humble beginnings in 2003, when Quo Vadis was just a small conference in the Ruhr area with around 120 attendees from the German development scene, the event now attracts game developers from all over the world.

In 2007 the conference moved to Berlin and is now the creative hub of International Games Week Berlin. For seven days the German capital is home to an energizing week of gaming culture in many formats that attracts thousands of developers, journalists and gamers.